Have you ever noticed that obtaining a loan at a traditional car dealership takes half a day and is totally confusing? It shouldn't be.

If you have excellent credit, we know that you expect the lowest interest rate possible and the best terms available. With this in mind, we have developed relationships with most of the major credit unions in town, including: America First, Desseret First, Cyprus Credit Union, Jordan Credit Union, University of Utah Credit Union or just about any other financial institution you already use.

More importantly, we can figure out which of these Credit Unions will provide you with the best interest rate and loan terms. This will keep your payments as low as possible. From there, we can complete all of the paperwork that they require and you won't even have to step foot in a branch. Which means you can spend more time having fun and less time doing paperwork.

Often, customers wonder if they could get a better interest rate if they worked directly with the Credit Union. This is not the case. You see, the Credit Union's in town compete with each other and so in order to grow their auto loan originations, they offer their same advertised rates to dealers as well; typically 3.99% for excellent credit.

If you have a challenging credit situation, we understand your needs and we will work hard for you. Our Finance Manager spent over five years working for the largest bank in the world. His job was to increase the number of auto loans made by the bank. Do you think there is a situation he hasn't seen before?

If you want to get pre-approved or find out what interest rates are available, go ahead and complete the 60 Second Credit Application below. Our Finance Manager will start working hard for you.

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