Henry Clay Motors is owned by 3 brothers, Benjamin, Nathan and Jason Reynolds and was started from scratch in 2007. Growing up as brothers in a loving Christian home our parents encouraged us to question everything, work hard, never give up, chase our dreams and treat people fairly. With this upbringing it should be no surprise that after learning about the "car business" from industry veterans we decided to start a car dealership that is different. 

Different because we adore our customers. Different because we recognize that our survival relies on your referrals and because we recognize that you won't recommend us to your family and friends unless you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Please feel free to ignore this paragraph but if you are curious about our education and background, then you may find this interesting. Each of us started college with only a vague notion of the career we wanted to pursue. So we choose to study engineering, business and accounting at the University of Utah, Pepperdine University and California State University. We even earned master's degrees in these subjects and built successful careers working for companies like RMP Services Inc., KPMG LLP, Medimpact Healthcare and HSBC Auto Finance.

Then we gave it all up to become used car salesman. Well, not exactly. We gave it up to pursue our dream, a dream of owning our own business, a business that would create tremendous products for customers, be a great place to work and provide for our families.

We understand that talk is cheap. And so we invite you to Experience the Difference for yourself. We promise that you won't be disappointed.

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